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Sonic - Köln #1

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Image of Sonic - Köln #1
  • Image of Sonic - Köln #1
  • Image of Sonic - Köln #1
  • Image of Sonic - Köln #1

In 2011 we were invited to the annual @platine_festival in Cologne (Köln) Germany, to exhibit our 8bitscapes series of prints. During one of our many sorties into this cool little city we came across a rather infamous little chap speeding along the Rhine’s striking downtown overflow pipe system. Luckily my creative partner, @Rojoclick had his #Canon primed at the time and was able to click off a few snaps as he zipped on by, without which you’d surely never have believed that this actually happened!

Technical Specs:

This exciting print is developed using traditional photographic processes onto Fuji Crystal Archive Lustre photographic paper.

Photographic C-type prints are made by exposing light onto colour paper, which is then developed and washed using traditional photographic techniques. Our printer's processors are equipped with an extra wash stage to increase the archival stability of your prints.

Available in 4 different sizes, from the tidy 11" x 17" (28cm x 43cm) which is roughly around A3 size, all the way up to the impressive 31.5" x 47.25" (80cm x 120cm) which is around A0 size.